Monday, April 21, 2008

Classic Jurl

Today I "worked from home" while recovering from VAG (see previous posts). While answering e-mail I watched an old chestnut of a movie, "Pump Up the Volume". Now, you may say, "That's not old enough to be a classic!" Admittedly, you may not say it quite that emphatically, but still you're thinking it. Let me point out that this movie is 18 years old, certainly old enough to be considered classic. It's just hard to believe a movie made in 1990 is really 18 years old, but it you do the math that's exactly correct.

You may also say, "Pump Up the Volume isn't good enough to be a classic!" Again, perhaps not so emphatically, but still you doubt my assessment. Let me assure you, "Pump Up the Volume" has everything you need in a great movie. Cute anti-hero, teenage angst, rage against the machine, love, and a fantastic soundtrack. So, there. I'm right and you're wrong.

If you somehow missed "Pump Up the Volume" I will try to summarize its intricate and emotionally complicated plot. Christian Slater is a shy loner in high school who gains alienated teenage listeners on his illegal radio show where he calls himself Hard Harry and rails against parents and teachers. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Watching Christian Slater hate all grown-ups while feeling estranged from his peers reminded me of the train wreck that is adolescence. Man, teenagers are so funny. Remember almost wishing you'd get cancer or be hit by a car so everyone would feel sorry they'd ever wronged you!! Or how lame your parents were and how they could never understand what it's like to be young!! I remember wanting everything to hurry up and get over with and now I wish I could stop the cruel march of time from marching across my face and dragging my boobs down with it.

How cute was Christian Slater? Oh, and that's a microphone, by the way.


ATLGAL said...

I saw "Pump up the Volume" in the theater. Twice. Christian S was SO tragically hip back then!

jurl said...

You are totally awesome.