Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Jurl

I'm sorry to say Hot Aussie, Michael Johns, was voted off the last night on American Idol. This was Michael's first time in the bottom three, making it all the more shocking he was this week's loser. Michael leaves behind several good, and some great, competitors. Those tuning in each week will miss his down under, rocker style and awkward white boy dance moves revealed during group musical numbers. Though he is gone he will certainly be forgotten. Michael has moved on to a better place, fronting a Doors cover band.

Rest in Peace.

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ATLGAL said...

As Chikezie pointed out a few weeks ago, its not getting "voted off", its not getting enough votes to go forward.... and whomever watches AI and did NOT vote for Mikey Johns, I have a personal bone to pick with you for ruining my American Idol viewing! I will miss my beloved man- and now must throw my support 100% behind the Blue Eyed Bong Boy. RIP, Mikey Johns- see you back on the small stage here in the A-T-L.