Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spaced Out Jurl

Hello Peeps,

Husband and I are off to Austin today for a Spaced Marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse. What is Spaced? It's a British sitcom written by and starring Simon Peg and Jessica Hynes and directed by Edgar Wright. It's about a guy and a girl that need a place to live so they pretend to be a couple to get a decent flat. Think Three's Company, but just one girl and no one pretends to be gay. It doesn't sound funny, but it is HI-larious. Spaced was actually on in the late-1990s, but can be seen on DVD. What I love most about it is the constant hommage to all things from the 1980s (the creators are about the same age as myself). Simon Peg and Edgar Wright have gone on to do Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, two uber hilarious movies.

So, then, what is a Spaced Marathon? It's a showing of all episodes (14) one right after the other with the stars and director. We are pretty geeky for all things Simon and Edgar so, yes, this sounds like fun to us.

What is the Alamo Drafthouse? Probably the coolest movie theatre in the country. In fact, the downtown location has been voted the #1 theatre in the Universe, I think. What makes it cool? It's too hard to explain, but the simplest answer is: the husband and wife that it own hardcore love all movies.

Now, husband and I will not be dressing up as any characters because we are not that nerdy, though I will admit my nerd-dom freely. I submit we all have our nerd things and even if your thing seems cool like fashion or skydiving, it's not- so admit you're a geek and move on.

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