Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Jurls Are Olympians, Too

Last night I was watching women's synchronized swimming (who even knew this was a real event) when I was startled awake by the robust thighs of a Canadian diver. Tiny little thing after tiny little thing had jumped off the platform so when a Canuk stepped up to the edge with round hips and slightly jiggly thighs I thought I was dreaming.

I sat straight up, blinked, and blinked again, but no, there she was, Canadian Crazy Thighs as I lived and breathed. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not alleging this girl was fat by any means. I'm sure she's a quite normal and lovely size, but when Olympiad after Olympiad appears to be sculpted out of steel, Crazy Thighs stands out. Way out.

As I've confessed many times, I'm a reluctant, though dedicated, chubbster, but for just a second I judged this girl against all the other perfectly proportioned athletes, crinkling my nose as if the scent of her hamburgler hips Oh-ffended. Then I checked my media-socio-warped mind and admired her for her skill, athleticism, and booty-full bod.

And I was deeply offended when one of the commentators called her splash into the pool a tidal wave. That's like saying a deaf person talks with their hands too much.

I think you can figure out which one I'm talking her, love her thighs.


Beverly said...

probably consists of more musclen than one could imagine. not to mention any fat there would keep her bouyant and warm.

Holly Golightly said...

Notice how the 12 year old fire plug gymnasts who have destroyed their growth plates one back handspring at a time waddle around their muscles? I think the Olympics are divine, but seriously? A kid should be a kid.