Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp Jurl

My children's little school is closed to get ready for the school year so I'm home all week babysitting my own children, Eek. I call this week of togetherness Camp Lulu because when my daughter was a bit younger she called everything lulu. I decorate the house and spend a fortune on glitter, paint, and more glitter. I even choose a theme for each day. Today is pirate day so we will build a ship and hunt treasure.

Sam woke up this morning and appeared to be delighted by the decorations I'd put up the night before as well as the craft-laden kitchen table. I was delighted that she was delighted. It lasted about thirty seconds. Sam asked to do a craft and even though she had not eaten breakfast I said, "Sure", because I'm a cool/negligent mom.

She began drawing a picture, but then threw her pen in frustration (over what only Satan knows) then started grunting, sticking out her tongue and saying "no" to everything I asked.

Are we gonna have fun today?


Let's make an anchor for our ship!


How about a lantern to light our way?


Let's make up a song about Camp Lulu?


Let's buy horses and ride them all over town?


Let's eat cotton candy until we vomit?


Let's plunge our faces into a burning lake of fire?

No! That one scared me! Stop asking me questions!

Right now she's giving me the stink-eye so I'll have to be brief. I may need to be rescued at some point so be on the lookout for my SOS.

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