Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pundit Jurl

I've never watched so much CNN in my life. In fact, if I understood economics, or anything past basic math, I'd say I'm very well informed. And for the first time, I don't hate either Presidential candidate so you'd think I'd be enjoying this historical Election season, but no. For starters I have tired head and for enders the Fall 2008 television season is in full swing and I'm in the weeds with all my programs. I can't be expected to keep up with the train wreck of Wall Street and the Presidential race when I have to juggle Heroes and Dancing With the Stars!

I know you civic minded jurls are saying, "How can choose shallow escapism when our Country is on the verge of cataclysmic change?" But, that's precisely my point. I need to escape from all the talking heads with their opinions, politics, agendas, bad hair cuts, and odd facial tics. If I didn't have Ugly Betty and Grey's I might crack under the pressure of reality.

But just to prove I'm paying attention, here are a couple of Hot Sport's Opinions...

As far as the economy goes, I'm not really interested in what Main street has to say because we Main-streeters aren't economic experts. I took economics in high school and almost failed cause it's really hard. Congress, please do not take direction from me or anyone like me. That's not to say I want to hand over a blank check to bail out these huge banking institutions, au contraire mon frere. I just don't know if there is another way to save the American economy. Is there? Anybody got any ideas? I wonder what Jeb Bartlett would have done on the West Wing? He's my favorite President.

When I see people with signs saying "Screw Wall Street" or "Main Street Says No Bail Out" I wonder if those folks have considered the far reaching effect the collapse of Wall Street will have on Main Street. Pip pointed out to me that most business, including the one we work for, operate on a line of credit and if that credit goes away.....oh, snap.

See why I have to turn it over to True Blood? If I was a vampire I wouldn't give a crap because I could just take what I want (though I'd probably be a conscientious blood-sucker).

I did make time for the most boring Presidential debate in history. Snore. I look forward to the Vice Presidential debate because those two are bound to say some crazy-nut-bag, frightening, yet funny, shit. With a question on Iraq Joe Biden will probably site Lincoln's struggle with the American Revolution during the 1950s while Sarah Palin will fall back on "Alaska is right next to Russia, and don't forget Canada, but either way it's about change and reform because I'm a maverick."

God help us. Every election I think, "Is this really the best America has to offer?" Though I admit, McCain and Obama are smart, honorable men, some of their choices show they are puppets to their parties just like every successful politician. I blame Main Street for the incessant political pandering, because Americans don't want to hear honesty, we want to hear that we're right and things are going to be done exactly how we want it done. As if.

Thank goodness, tonight is more Dancing With the Stars. No matter what happens in the news today, I can count on feathers, rhinestones, and bare-chested men to dance across my T.V. screen and take me away from the worries of the world.


Anonymous said...

I am all for a bail-out and your are right that we need to leave this stuff to the experts, but what I cannot tolerate is the mere idea that these CEO's (whose fault this is in the first place)would be entitled to any golden parachutes or bonuses. Really? That is total bullshit. Maybe a condition should be to fire those CEO's and let the Junior Varsity with fresh new ideas (and less crazy bonuses)take over. Get some new blood and some new talent. And, also suspend some of those crazy accounting rules under Sarbanes Oxley. TAZ

Anonymous said...

OH, something will be done, that is for sure, but Congress wants to look like it is listening to its minons. And maybe as an added bonus, Pelosi will look like a dumbass - we can only dream - TAZ

Yes, I am fired-up!!!

Anonymous said...

Law is like sausage - you don't want to see how it is made.

Kiki said...

I want to understand, but I am overwhelmed by trying to understand. I despise the idea of the bailout, but I don't understand all the potential ramifications of not doing it. I agree with TAZ, the golden parachutes are just wrong.

Kiki said...

I cannot tell you how much I have giggled at these pics of Greenspan and Putin. Ha! That site cracks me up. I look at the LOL Cats site and it cracks me up too. I am really pretty easily amused. Probably bc I am so not funny myself.