Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Positive Jurl

As I pondered just how long a piece of dried carrot had been stuck to the wall above the diaper changing table, I realized I could choose to see the negative side of having old food stuck to my walls or I could see the positive side of the filth and flarth covering my house. I went in the positive direction.

Sure, that piece of dried carrot had probably been stuck to the wall for days and sure that's disgusting, but I decided to see the bigger picture! Tubbs eats carrots, that's a certified vegetable! So who cares if pieces of veggies splatter the walls?! Some of them actually go in his mouth!

In an effort to share my positive outlook with all you peeps, here are a few examples of how to make a negative into a positive:

Sam eats boogers = Sam has a clean nose and a high protein diet.

Jake doesn't seem as bright as Sam = Jake won't ask a lot of irritating questions about how the world works that I can't answer.

Tooth brushing is fifty-fifty = we're conserving water.

I don't make friends with other moms so Sam can have play dates = I'm raising an independent child with a great imagination.

My kids eat off the floor = my kids aren't wasteful.

I'm a little heavier than I'd like to be = I retain heat in the winter keeping me warm even sans coat, kind of like a grizzly bear.

I have a messy house = I'm in control of my OCD issues and not the other way around.

Husband and I have some communication issues = Husband and I don't bore each other with a lot of blah, blah, feelings, blah, blah, feelings, blah.

I'm an emotional wreck = I'm a creative and interesting person.

See, it's all how you look at things.


Scout said...

My daugther throwing a fit on the floor all the while cursing me at the same time = she is able to express her feelings.

My son seemingly oblivious to instuctions to get ready to go to school, church etc... because he is playing = he is able to focus on what he is doing.

My oldest son rolling his eyes at me like I am a crazy person = he could have a career in a freak show at the circus.

My husband refusing to put crap back where it belongs = each day I have a new scavenger hunt to embark on - yeah me.

jurl said...

Excellent job, Scout! Now you're being positive!