Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow, Jurls

You know how when you eat corn it comes out of your pooper-shoot looking pretty much how you ate it? Well, I have discovered another food that'll slide right through without succumbing to your digestive juices: blueberries.

This morning I was changing Tubbs' diaper (while he was stuffing Cheerios in his mouth because two turkey sausages, three pancakes, oranges, and half a banana just weren't enough) I discovered blueberry polka-dotted poop! I felt like the chick in Jurassic Park when she discovered the poisoned berries in the giant pile of dino poop. Very scientific.

Now, you may not experience the blueberry effect unless you eat 65 tons of them like Tubbs did last night, but it might be worth the effort to test this new discovery.

I find these digestive-resistant foods to be further proof that God has a great sense of humor. What's funnier than corn-speckled poop? Not much. And He is a lover of irony. Like how men and women are supposed to mate to further the species, but can hardly stand living together. So funny. Thanks for the laughs, God. We need them.


Claudia said...

Ok, so I was stuffing a blueberry in my mouth when I read this! It stopped me in my tracks. But since I don't plan to examine my poop any time in the near or distant future, I will not be able to report back. Sorry Jurls...

ATLGAL said...

Oh, I know all about it. Catherine loves blueberries and eats them in large quantities (she prefers the most expensive fruits- mango is also a fave at $1.49 per individual fruit at our local Kroger). However, I've found that sometime the blueberry after effect looks much like potting soil or perhaps smashed black beans. Joe asked me one day after changing a diaper if I'd been feeding Catherine dirt.