Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Travelin Jurl

Today I head to Houston for a three day seminar. If I had any guilt for leaving my little angels for two days it evaporated last night after two hours of children playing loudly, fighting loudly, crying loudly, and clinging to my skirt until I was ready to throw them through the window! Now I can't wait for two nights of just me and my jurlfriend, Pip. I don't have to cook any one's dinner or clean any one's dinner off the walls and floor. I don't have to change any blueberry laden stink bombs and I don't have to referee between Sam and Tubbs. No dishes, no laundry, no backpacks to go through!

I'm so excited you'd think I was on my way to Hawaii instead of plain old Houston, TX. I'm pretty sure all mothers should get a two night break from their family at least once every couple of months. And if you're one of those moms that just can endure being parted from your precious little cherub then you should be escorted at gun point to a nice hotel. You are NOT giving your children the best of you if you never get away from them!

I've never known a mother or a kid who did not need a time-out from one another so if you are feeling like you want to shake a kid till their head pops off then it's time to take a break. Join me in Houston! Or you can go somewhere better if you really must.

I'll try to update you with my travel/seminar observations because I'm sure there'll be some. Peace out, Jurls!


Gemini said...

Have a nice trip, I will have a night out on Friday with the girls. It might not be overnight but it will be a night away. :o)

Jurl said...

Thanks! Hope you had fun with your jurls.