Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Troubling Jurl

Sam and Jake take baths/showers together almost daily. The good thing about that is two baths for the price of one, plus I won't have to explain how boys and girls are different. The bad thing is hearing this, "Jakey put his penis on me! Jakey put his penis on me!"

So troubling.


Gemini said...

We had to stop putting Kathryn in the bath with Alex because she was trying to yank his off. I feel your pain.

M'si said...

I needed the laugh. So funny! I have never had that problem since mine are spread out but I stopped showering with Daniel when he decided to pee on me. He laughed cuz he thought it was so funny. Now he will just fart when I'm helping him in the shower. Boys are such wonderful creatures.

Kate's Mom said...

Very funny. Sometimes Kate takes a shower with me-- and she likes to poke at my boobs. Its really weird and kinda freaks me out.