Saturday, October 3, 2009

Missing Jurl

Jurls! Where have I been? Well, I've been seeing Sam off to kindergarten, feeding Tubbs everything in the house, preparing for my big speech coming up in November, getting ready for trial, following the Jon and Kate plus Eight drama (jon is an asshole), avoiding swine flu, carbo-loading, cutting carbs (so wrong), having marital relations (cause I want to stay married), taking my meds, wondering who would sleep with David Letterman and if your tongue would get stuck in that front tooth gap, reuniting with my Dad and his family (that's kind of a big one), Facebooking like a facebook ho, not facebooking cause it just gets weird at some point, burying my Grandad (relief and sorrow all in one), setting boundaries like a mug, taking depositions, growing out my nails, picking at my nails, trying to shave by bohawk again with more success than last time, shopping at Super Target, boycotting Wal-Mart (racist bastards), praying, running from my children, running to my children, re-doing my closet, painting furniture, potty-training Jake (finally, something he won't try to eat), gaining five pounds, losing five pounds, being a friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a comic, a shrink, a mentor, a 12 year old boy (you know I love fart jokes), a lawyer, a woman, a cook, a maid, a nurse, a guidance counselor, a wino, and last, but not least, a writer.

Life is good. It is ours to live. Live it jurls, live it loud, with all the color you can imagine.


TJ said...

Have you been copying me?

aae said...

Thanks jurl.

ATLGAL said...


Tammy said...

This is a fantastic post. I love it. I will copy TJ by saying "Have you been copying me?"
Well except for the obvious things but seriously:
David Letterman, what the hell?
Jon, asshole.
I hate Walmart.
I love Target. Except that it is a black hole. I go in to get one quick thing and I emerge 3 hours later blinded by the sunlight, arms laden with bags, and find I've spent over $100.