Saturday, December 12, 2009

Forgive a Jurl

I know, I know, where have I been? Well, I've been having one of the best work years of my life. In 2009 I cross-examined two witnesses in two trials (one in each), billed 100 hours more than my goal, and spoke in front of 1000 lawyers at the DRI in Miami. Thank you Jesus and Cymbalta!

I think some of the professional success is directly linked to some personal success in 2009. This was the year I reconciled with my father and step-mom. They always say forgiveness is freeing, but I found ancient anger kept me warm at night. But, I was crazy wrong. I had to say some hard things, I had to cry, I had to admit I wanted his love (the hardest part of it all), and I had to open my heart. But, it's paid off in a huge and unexpected way.

I guess it's true that children (no matter their age) need to feel loved by their parents in order to feel whole and worthy (without a lot of therapy) and I believe that finding my father's love has allowed me to stand in front of a jury and feel like I was capable of asking a doctor about mesothelioma risk rates, low-exposures, and fiber type. It allowed me to stand and present in front of a huge crowd of my peers and not have shake voice or stroke out in general.

All in all, pretty rockin. I hope to have more time in 2010 to share some observations with you cause you know I always have a few.

Here is a quick hit: I resent Santa Claus. Sam asked the other day why we never give her Christmas presents and it was all I could do not to tell her we give her ALL her Christmas presents!

I truly never believed in Santa. By Sam's age I had it all figured out and found the fat, bearded, Santas stationed around town creepy and suspected they were potential pedophiles. Don't you find it strange we force our young children on to the laps of complete strangers? If I wanted to steal a kid I'd just dress up like Santa and ask if they'd like to see the North Pole! I hate Santa. If you rearrange the letters it's Satan. Still, we will keep up this charade (Husband is a big fan), complete with the cookies and milk. We'll even put out special food for the reindeers. And Santa/Satan gets credit for my hard work. Typical, a man taking credit for a woman's work.

Peace out, jurls.

Welcome to Hell.

Run for your life!! It's serrial killer Santa! Seriously, why do we do this to our kids?


Gemini said...

All I have to say is 1. glad you are back and 2. When Kyle finally realized that we were Santa he asked about all of the Chistmases before and if we did it all along. When I told him yes he thanked me for all the gifts he ever received from "the big guy" it was really sweet.

CharlieGirl said...

Jurl! So. Glad. You. Are. Back!:) Congrats on your year! Quick story: In the third grade my class was waiting for Santa to arrive and he was apparently running late... "Where is Santa??" one girl whined... "Um. He probaby isn't coming because he isn't real...", was my reply. I am pretty sure I missed a few recesses for that! I felt it was duty to make them better informed:):). Can't wait to read more of your stuff, hope 2010 is equally as rewarding!

BoBono said...

Glad you've had a great year! Hope for more of the same for you!

mushbelly said...

Your are delightful.