Monday, March 22, 2010

Jurl, Jurl, Jurl

Note to self-- do not go off meds. Going off meds may be hazardous to your health and the health of those around you.

I'm not one of those crazy people that thinks they know better than the doctors so decides to go off their meds. I'm the kind of crazy person that can't make the time to see the shrink and so the shrink says no more meds till I see you. In my defense little Tubbs broke his leg in February causing me to miss my appointment (and suffer emotional trauma cause his little leg was broken!). Then we started a big trial at work and I have been in litigation lock down for almost a month. All the while running my mom, mom-in-law, and my Aunt Susan ragged with babysitting Jake since he is in a stinky body cast. So, you see, it really was not my fault that I ran out of my Cymbalta cause I've got some shite going on, people.

There has been one positive about being off the meds. The eternal question of "Do I really need the Cymbalta?" has been finally been answered. And one smashed lamp, three screaming fits of rage, multiple murder-suicide fantasies involving Husband and/or complete strangers who dared to get in my way at Super Target, and unexplained sobbing over sentimental crappy chain e-mails later the answer is YES. And emphatic, YES.

I knew I was spiraling a bit when Husband went to the store for us and in response to the item "big Ziploc bags" he brought home the largest Ziploc bag in existence. My first thought was, "this could hold a human head." My second thought was, "It could hold Husband's head." That's when I agreed to take some random Cymbalta my mom had hanging around her house. It's just until I see the shrink at the end of the month and it's better to take something than nothing--just ask Husband (while his head is still attached--just kiddin! Ha ha ha ha.)

Now, if Husband's head turns up in a gigantic Ziploc bag, please don't mention this blog post to anyone. Let's keep it just between us jurls. Okey dokey?


BoBono said...

Jurl! Glad to hear from you. I totally get it. I finally got some Celexa and I'm so much better. I don't think I even realized how bad I felt until the chemicals started reacting and made me feel somewhat human again. Things I would have had a total melt down over, not even a raised heart rate now. This stuff could save lives! Many, many lives!

Jurl said...

Yay BoBono! Drugs are the best. Sometimes I think modern woman is weak b/c we all need drugs to survive but then I remember us modern women have managed to make ourlives more complex than any age before us. Oh, to be a cave woman only thinking about survival....I wish I only had to think about avoiding being eaten by a saberr tooth tiger! Please.

Tammy said...

I am now caught up and I am so glad you are back. I am so so glad. You are so wonderfully funny and honest.

aae said...

Shite. I am laughing so hard thinking about husband bringing home a gigantic ziplock. Only your husband! I he would argue he is right because your list said big ziplock and that is what he brought. too funny.